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Amazing Graveyard Geocache Race

October 28, 2017 at 2:00 pm - 5:30 pm

R) A unique Halloween experience
U) It’s a hunt for hidden, haunted items
S) Around the spookiest Rogue locations
H) Form a team of pals, race for your life


Using clues and GPS coordinates, form a team in a race to uncover ghostly treasure and secret places in a spirited, friendly competition to survive this Halloween season.

The Rushmore Society, your real life social network of very busy people, invite all to join us, in partnership with the incredible team at Southern Oregon Geocache, as we present the spookiest, most haunted scavenger hunt of your life.

SOGeo have specially-designed a course of hidden items in some of the Rogue Valley’s scariest locations that will have your blood boiling and your brain twisting well into November.


STEP ONE: Form a team of 2-4 friends
STEP TWO: Costumes are encouraged
STEP THREE: Learn a little about Geocaching (below)
STEP FOUR: Show up, have a blast, race on

COST: Only $10/team (pay at event)
COMPETITION: Friendly, and possessed
: Three categories
The Sherlock Holmes: Fastest Team to compete
The Casper: Most Spirited Team
The Rocky Horror: Best Costumed Team
Form a team and RSVP RIGHT HERE!


What is geocaching? Well, for starters, geocache is a live adventure game played outdoors where anyone can participate – basically it’s a form of a sport game. If you are fond of exploring, you will certainly like geocaching. Besides from being a live adventure game that combines use of technology and strategy, geocaching may come as handy in testing some of your survival skills.

Geocaching is getting more and more on its popularity and it is not even uncommon to see entire families getting involved in geocache adventures. But what exactly is geocaching and what do you need in order to give it a try and test your explorer’s skills?

Stick with us to find out everything you need to know about geocaching, including step-by-step guide on how to geocache.


As we have already mentioned, geocaching is a form of a sport, rather experienced as an adventure game made to awake the adventurer in you. Your main goal in geocaching is to hide or find different “treasure chests” that are rather called “caches” in the spirit of the game’s name. The most amazing thing about it is that you can find caches or hide them anywhere in the world and someone else will try to find them.

Basically, you are playing the game with millions of people involved by solely using GPS device and your tracking skills. If you are great with orienting and following GPS routes besides from enjoying treasure hunting, you will love this game. Geocaching exists in its current form and under its current name for 15 years now and looking back on the history of the game, geocaching draws its roots from 160 years back. Sounds amazing, but only because it’s true.

Okay, get ready to get spooked! RSVP RIGHT HERE!

The Rushmore Society is Southern Oregon’s premiere real life social network of very busy people living scary lives of Adventure, Connection and Play. Do More, Live More, Rushmore.


October 28, 2017
2:00 pm - 5:30 pm
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